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Friday, October 8, 2010

Our First Visit to a Shinto Shrine-Oct 6, 2010

There are numerous Shinto Shrines and Bhuddist Temples in Fussa as well as throughout Japan. The Fussa missionaries showed us the closest Shinto Shrine and Elder Arnell and I went to check it out. There is a major river just a 15 minute walk west from our apartment. There is a 50 km path (about 30 miles) along that river. Maybe we'll be in good enough shape next spring to walk the whole path--but that would mean that we would also have to walk back as well. We may have to rethink that. The Minami-Inari Jinjya Shrine is located just off the river path by one of the main bridges. We got quite a few pictures--mostly so we could show them to the Japanese members so they could explain some of the things we saw. Like for instance the 4th and 5th pictures show narrow boards of various heights with different Japanese characters printed on them. There is a large basket of them at the entrance to the cemetery part of the shrine and people take one and place it in a container at the top of the headstone. I will let you know when i find out what they mean.
The first picture shows the Shinto Shrine. It was closed but the doors were open about six inches so Woody was able to get a shot of the interior--2nd picture. They had a very large bell with a wooden clapper that was attached to a rope--picture #6. It took a lot of will power not to ring the bell. There was a lot of very pretty vegetation and well groomed trees on the premises as well as numerous stone statues.

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