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Thursday, August 4, 2011

On the Road Again-Going Back to Tokyo

On Monday, August 1st we received an e-mail from the Military Relations Department in Salt Lake City informing us that a new couple would be arriving on August 20th to replace the current Military Relations couple, Phil and Janet Savage, who will leave here on August 11th. This caught us by surprise because we had been planning to move into the apartment where the Savages have been living when they went home. The e-mail also asked us to consider going back to Tokyo for the remainder of our mission. Apparently even though they have two slots open for the Tokyo Mission no one seems interested in going there at this time. I guess the constant earthquakes, nuclear issues and other matters aren't for everyone. Even though this message was unexpected, Elder Arnell has always had the feeling that we should be back in the Tokyo mission but that would also leave Okinawa without a Senior Couple. When we found out that a couple was coming to Okinawa he then knew that we needed to go back to Tokyo to finish our mission. We will ship our car by ferry on August 20th and then spend the next 10 days showing the new couple, the Watson's, around the island. We fly up to mainland Japan on August 29th.

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