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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Driving in Japan

The adventure of driving in Japan isn't as bad as many of our counterparts in Africa or other parts of the world but that doesn't make it less interesting. I took these pictures of Japan's version of traffic cones. It sure beats the orange cones that are prolific on many roads in the US. We live in Fussa, Japan in an apartment about 2km from Yokota Air Force base. We are also working with military members stationed at Zama Army and Atsugi Naval Air Facility which is 40km from Yokota, about 25 miles. It takes at least an hour to drive that distance due to heavy traffic. We also go to Yokosuka Naval Base which is about 70km or 44 miles. We have made that trip in a litte as 1 hr and 45 and a long as 3 hours. Saturday and Sunday after 12:00 is the worst time to be on the roads. Public transportation is very good here but we usually just drive everywhere because if we took the train then we would be on foot when we got to where we were going and that would be difficult. We have been able to navigate fairly well with a big map book (called Super Mapple) a GPS that sometimes we ignore and then end up lost and wish we hadn't ignored it. That would be a great talk in Sacrament Meeting.

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