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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tokyo Japan Trains and dining

We drove to the mission home in Tokyo and took a train ride down to Ikebukero Train Station which is two train stops from the mission home. It is the second busiest train station in Japan, the busiest being Shinjuku. This was actually our first train ride since arriving in Japan. It wasn't much different than taking the Metro in New York City. We have heard in Shinjuku they have people hired to push people into the train cars to pack more in. They have some train cars that are Female only so you wouldn't have to deal with being crammed up next to some Japanese guy for hours at a time. Japanese people apparently don't have personal space issues that we Americans are used to. They put on head phones and go into their own little world--quite often actually sleeping as they are standing. There are seats along the sides of the train car but after those are full everyone just stands. The picture on the left is of President Albrecht (mission president from Orem, UT--taught Accounting for years at BYU) and Elder Clint Hobbs from Salmon ID and of course Elder Arnell on the right. We went down to that area to have dinner and ended up at a newly opened TGI Friday's. President Albrecht has been in Japan for 18 months and really enjoys a real hamburger and American Food. The Hobbs arrived in October, just a month after we got here.

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