Sunrise from our apartment

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kogoshima Prefecture-Southern Japan

A park near the Richmond Hotel in Kogoshima - southern tip of Mainland Japan

The flower were very beautiful and springlike.

This is our room in the Richmond Hotel. Very much like one in the U.S.
10,000 YEN - about 125 dollars.

For the first time since all of the events of the last 1o days I am feeling a bit displaced. I guess it's because we are way down on the tip of Japan and there are no Americans to rely on. We will drop off the mission car at the ferry tomorrow and then fly to Okinawa. Another military relations couple will meet us at the airport. We will be staying with a member family who are Department of Defense School teachers. If we don't find an apartment by April 1st there is a Captain in some branch of the service who is going to the States for three weeks and said we could live in their home while they are gone. I have no doubt we will be well taken care of. Our new adventure begins!!!

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