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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 11th--Shrine off of Route 134-southeast of Yokosuka Japan

We attended a 3 zone conference in Yokohama on March 10th and since we had scheduled ourselves to be in Yokosuka we decided to stay for the weekend. On Friday we drove to this shrine/grave site which is south of Yokosuka on the shoreline of Route 134. There is one very large statue and several small ones all nestled on the hillside.

Grave markers.
They put little hats and scarves on these little statues
Steps leading up to the shrine and gravemarkers

Path leading down
One neat grave marker
Statues along the way

Grave marker
Sister Arnell in front of a statue

Elder Arnell and Sister Arnell in front of hands

This statue is huge!!
Sister Arnell is stading on the ledge at the base of the statue.

After visiting this shrine we drove back to Yokosuka arriving about 45 minutes
before the 8.9 earthquake hit Japan and changed the whole mission for us!!!

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